Welcome to the Feedbuilders office

Let me introduce you to our brand new office. Since January 2019 clients can visit us at our beautiful office in Groningen. What once started with two freelancers living their passion to make awesome photo en film content. Is now a client friendly and solution oriented business producing all kinds of photo and film content. From aftermovies for the local techno initiative, Paradigm up to photography and film for large corporate events such as EBF Conference and MARUG Conference at the Martini plaza. But most of the times we can be found traveling for our international clients. But if you can find us at home, you’re always welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee and a game of pingpong at our tabel tennis table. Do you have what it takes to beat us?

From Groningen, The Netherlands we travel the world

Although our office can be found in The North of the Netherlands, we can be found somewhere around the world most of the times. From 2018-2020 we visited over 40 countries to shoot content. We have been in the snow in Lapland with our Nikon photo Camera’s during the Carbage Run. But also in Ethiopia to shoot a film. No boundaries can stop our creativity and from what we love doing most.

Stop by for a cup of coffee

Atoomweg 10
9743 AK Groningen


Yannick Schurwanz
Co-owner & Photographer

Yannick is a 23 year old former University student. Creative idea machine. Rock solid sports mentality. Rower. Cyclist, Nikon till I die.