The Client

  • Photography
  • Same day edits
  • Viral content
  • Aftermovie
  • Photo book

The Carbage Run is the largest car rally in Europe. Driving in bangers with a value of up to €500 on the most beautiful roads in Europe. Crazy assignments are carried out during the day to have a chance to win the final prize.


For The Carbage Run we've been doing the photography for over 2 years now. We are making content for their social media, but we are also designing a photo book, which the participants can buy after a Carbage Run. The Carbage Run is always amazing to capture, because their is so much crazy stuff going on. We just love it.


Carbage Run Summer edition 2019

Aftermovie Winter Edtion 2019

Aftermovie Summer Edtion 2018

Viral Content

Nowadays everybody wants to go viral on the internet. The Carbage Run is the perfect event to go viral. Last year we got the assignment to make video’s that are more likely to go viral. We’ve done that. Previous years the maximum numbers of views was 60.000. This year we had a video with 250.000 views, 100.000 and the best one was 600.000 views. That’s what we call going VIRAL.

Carbage Run Winter Crashes Viral video

Summer Edition 2019 Day 4 - Same Day Edit

Carbage Run eating Surstromming Viral video

Photo book

Feedbuilders designed the ideal memory of The Carbage Run. For years, participants can brag about what they have experienced with the official photo album. The luxury coffee table book is full of unique unique photos and stories with more than 140 pages