Video marketing trends for 2020.

From vertical video to TikTok and IGTV, a lot has happened in 2019. but how can you prepare your business for the video marketing in 2020? In this article we will discuss 6 trends in the Video Marketing industry.

92% of the marketers have said that video marketing is part of their marketing strategy in 2020.


1. Social advertising is growing!

Social video advertising is expected to grow from $11.2 billion in 2018 to $25.6 billion in 2023. This 128% rise is quite a lot. According to Smartinsights 92% of the marketers has said in 2020 that video marketing is part of their marketing strategy, which in 2015 was only 78%. So video marketing is definitely a thing in 2020 and will only keep on growing. But hey, we already knew that right;).

2. IGTV is a huge opportunity.

Instagram launched IGTV, which it intended to be a YouTube competitor on long-form, user-generated video, but then with mobile & vertical video. If IGTV can convert Instagram’s 1 billion users to consume video there, it could represent a huge opportunity as soon as the platform starts to monetize the section with advertising. So make sure to be already using IGTV in 2020!

A 4:5 or 1:1 Instagram crop in nowadays the standard for making videos.

3. Different aspect ratio’s are getting normal

Nowadays as a filmmakers we are used to making video optimized for social media. Before we used to film everything in 16:9 or even the cinematic 21:9 crop. Today this has shifted drastically. A 4:5 or 1:1 Instagram crop is nowadays the standard for making videos. And the most important thing is, it is getting normal. So make sure to make all your video social media aspect proof!

4. Subtitles are a must for social media videos!

When you are making videos for your latest social media campaign or just post an interview with the CEO of your company, there is one this certain. You need to have subtitles in this video. Nowadays around 80% of the people don’t have their sound on when they watch a video on Instagram. So in 2020 you need to have subtitles in your social media videos!

Listeners of a podcast also want to be able to see the face behind the voice that they hear!

5. Video Podcasts are rising

A videopodcast or a podcast that is also recorded on a video is a trends which we see that is growing. Listeners of podcasts also want to be able to see the face behind the voices that they hear. This will make the viewer to become closer to your podcast and therefore this will have a positive impact on the connection with your audience.

6. TikTok is the new rising kid on the block

TikTok, the app that has been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide and that have been said to be the favorite app of Gen Z. The target audience of TikTok is definitely the younger audience, so if you have a brand that targets the Gen Z than you definitely need to use TikTok! There is already a lot of competition on TikTok, but this doesn’t mean it already too late. We advise to just get started on it and get to know the platform.

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