The Client

  • Theme announcement film
  • Openingsfilm
  • Same Day Film Edit
  • Aftermovie

The EBF Conference is the largest economic and business conference of the Netherlands and attracts around 600 participants each year including students, academics, alumni and business participants. The EBF Conference consists of two days, each with its own distinctive character.


EBF Conference 2019

We have been doing all the videography for the EBF Conference for over 3 years now. Last year we made an video in where the EBF Conference announced their thema of this year. Next to that we made an openingsfilm. They showed this film at the beginning of the Conference at the main stage. We also made an aftermovie including a same day edit film. More on that below.

EBF Conference 2019 Theme Announcement

EBF Conference 2019 Opening film

Same day edit

During the EBF Conference we made a same day edit film. In order to make this happen we captured the event with 1 filmer and 1 editor. The editor would start editing already during the day. This way we could even capture the speaker at 17:00 and show the aftermovie already at 17:15.