3. 2. 1. live!

Live stream as an alternative for your canceled event!

Due to current events regarding the Corona-crises a lot of events are canceled. With our live streaming services we can help you to still reach your audience and make something out of your event. If you want to stream your event though Facebook with 1 camera or want a dedicated own live stream on your website with a multi camara setup, everything is possible.

3. 2. 1. LIVE!

Increase your audience

Live streaming give the viewer the feeling that nothing can be staged, and that you present an honest story. For a relatively small extra investment, you can greatly increase the audience of your event. Live streaming, increases engagement with your audience on social media, like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Viewers continue to watch up to 3 times longer with live videos than with regular videos!

We are able to stream your live video on several platforms. We can stream it on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. We can also stream it on your own website with a dedicated video player.

High resolution

At Feedbuilders we believe quality is important and we always deliver out video streams up to 4k and always make sure the connectivity is on point.

Multiple camera's

We can deliver multi camera live streams with a live switching room, but we can also film your event with just 1 camera. There is always a solution for your budget.


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