Passion is what makes us the best

In the last couple of years Feedbuilders did event photography for hundreds of events all across Europe. We captured countless of awesome people, from Olympic champions, Nobel prize winners up to famous actors. We captured outdoor events in harsh weather condition, but also corporate events in suit and tie. We brought new angles to events by diving and climbing with our camera’s. We used our social skills to capture stories for our clients. And we did it all at lightning speed in a result driven approach.

  • Corporate events
  • Sports events
  • Festivals
  • Automotive events
  • Travel events
  • Lifestyle events
  • Music events
  • Theater shows
  • Cabaret
  • Presentations
  • Keynotes
  • Product launches
Good event photography starts with a goal

We deliver results

Event photography can bring your event to the next level, if it’s done right. Event photography should always start with a goal. This could be an extended experience for your audience, to create event marketing content for the coming years, press exposure, but also to give something back to your partners and sponsors.

At Feedbuilders we are always up to date with the newest trends in the event marketing business and can help you with getting the most out of your pictures, because that’s what’s all about. Scoring results.

The small details that tell the big story

The power of storytelling

Good event photography should tell a story. The story of your event. Because storytelling works, it connects with the emotions of your (potential) audience and lets them relive their event. That’s why we search for the small details that tell the big story of your event. We search for emotions and happiness delivering social proof that positively resembles your brand.

It's all about the client

A client oriented and solution based approach

At feedbuilders we like to co-develop creative concepts and turn them into result driven content. We plan what kind of images will work for your event. We always deliver our content in optimal formats for different platforms. So maximum results are guaranteed.

Fast delivery

Every second counts, you want to be the first to put an image online, because we know it will deliver more results. We only use the newest gear and latest technologies, which enables us to deliver our high quality photography as fast as possible. We can even deliver images during a live event with our instant photo delivery.

High quality

We always work with the latest camera gear and the very best lenses on the market with the highest resolution possible. Our workflow is completely based around redundancy We have back-up's for literally everything. We will never miss your precious moments.


From Groningen, The Netherlands

We service companies all across Europe

Over the years Feedbuilders have worked with an increasing number of large and well regarded clients. Whatever the size of your business, or location we are here to tell your story.

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