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Feedbuilders has a huge experience in delivering all kinds of film productions across the globe. But our main expertise is creating aftermovies for your event.

  • Corporate aftermovies
  • Festivals aftermovies
  • Sports events
  • Automotive events
  • Travel videos
  • Lifestyle events
  • Music events
  • Theater shows
  • Cabaret
  • Presentations
  • Keynotes
  • Product launches
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Why do you need an aftermovie?

Aftermovies capture the

The small details that tell the big story

The power of storytelling

It's all about the client

A client oriented and solution based approach

Fast delivery

High quality


From Groningen, The Netherlands

We service companies all across Europe

Over the years Feedbuilders have worked with an increasing number of large and well regarded clients. Whatever the size of your business, or location we are here to tell your story.

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