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In 2016 we started following the German national rowing team with our camera’s at various events. In the meantime we have worked with countless World Cup winners, European Champions and World Champions. For the German rowing federation we make photo content with high speed delivery for social media and online use. Within minutes of a win our images are posted. Nowadays every seconds counts and we at Feedbuilders know that.

Road to Tokyo: Impressions from the training camp 2020



in 2019 we delivered content directly from the World championships in Linz, Austria. A truly amazing experience to see Team Deutschlandachter become Worldchampion for the third time in a row. As former Athletes we crawl under the skin of our subject. We know how to gain their trust prior to events and look for the right places where we can focus. Respect for the athlete is our starting point and we try to capture the moment when emotion, peak performance and strain all come together….That is how we tell a story that enhances brand identity and loyalty.



In the preparations to the World rowing Championship in 2019 Feedbuilders was invited to take a behind the scenes look at the training camp of the German rowing federation. A unique position no other mediateam is allowed to enter. Making it possible to show the human story of the athletes, a story that delivers results.



During the 2019 European rowing championship. We followed Max Planer of the German national team for the full tournament to capture his story. From waking up till dinner. A truly amazing inside view in the life of an elite athlete and amazing person. Eventually Max won the Bronze medal.