The Client

  • Photography
  • Same day photo delivery
  • Same day edits
  • Aftermovie

The Ramble Rally is a 5 day car rally with 100 cars through Europe and you have no idea where you are going. The Ramble Rally is all about adventure and driving where you don’t know where you start or end.


For the Ramble Rally we've been doing the photography for 2 years now. We've been shooting all kinds of photos for their social media. Just take a look around here. Like we say; pictures say more than words.


Ramble Rally Spring Edition 2019

Feedbuilders has been making the video content for the Ramble Rally for the last 4 editions within 2 years. After every 5 day Ramble Rally trip we make an aftermovie for their social media.

Aftermovie Ramble Rally Spring Edition 2018

Aftermovie Ramble Rally autumn Edition 2018

Same day edits

Every day we make a same day edit of the Ramble Rally. This is how a usual day looks like: We wake up around 06:30 and have breakfast. Hope in the car around 08:00 and then film everything until the end of the day around 22:00. Then we’ll make an edit of the day and this video will be online the next morning. It’s always challenging to work with a time limit, but at Feedbuilders we think that’s what keeps this work challenging!

Same Day Edit - Autumn Edition 2019 Day 3

Same Day Edit - Spring Edition 2019 Day 2